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The pain and suf­fer­ing caused by a dev­as­tat­ing con­struc­tion injury can have a last­ing effect on the lives of the vic­tims who expe­ri­ence them. Along with the phys­i­cal pain that comes with any injury, vic­tims of con­struc­tion acci­dents may incur a life last­ing con­di­tion which rad­i­cally lim­its their abil­ity to con­tinue work­ing in this field. In addi­tion to lim­it­ing what jobs a vic­tim may be able to per­form, these injuries also sig­nif­i­cantly alter the qual­ity of life that vic­tims have out­side of work. Injuries that limit mobil­ity can present with exten­sive emo­tional pain as well. Here at Flo­res & Lopez, LLP., our com­pas­sion­ate Austin con­struc­tion acci­dent lawyers under­stand the hard time that you are going through. Our friendly lawyers are here to help you get your life back on track.

Data at a Glance

The con­struc­tion indus­try as a whole is one of the largest fields of employ­ment in the United States. Across the coun­try there are an esti­mated 9 mil­lion work­ers in both pub­lic and pri­vate sec­tors. Accord­ing to the Bureau of Labor Sta­tis­tics (BLS) there were approx­i­mately 646,600 con­struc­tion work­ers employed in Texas in 2009 alone. Also detailed in the BLS report is the fact that con­struc­tion work­ers statewide expe­ri­enced an injury at a rate of 3.6 per every 100 employed. These sta­tis­tics illus­trate the poten­tial dan­gers that con­struc­tion work­ers face each and every day. Addi­tional data shows that:

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[li]Falls are the most com­mon source of injury in the con­struc­tion field [/li]
[li]Being struck by falling objects remains a sig­nif­i­cant con­trib­u­tor to injury [/li]
[li]Many work­ers expe­ri­enced injury due to trans­porta­tion equip­ment on the job [/li]


The nature of a con­struc­tion site is often a dan­ger­ous place in itself. Injuries can arise from many sources, all of which are com­mon in the day to day activ­i­ties of a con­struc­tion worker. Tool lay down areas, equip­ment, heavy machin­ery, chem­i­cals, and build­ing con­di­tions all have the poten­tial to cause seri­ous injury. Some com­mon injuries asso­ci­ated with Austin con­struc­tion acci­dents are:

[ul style=“3”]
[li]Falls from roof­ing, scaf­fold­ing, or unfin­ished structures[/li]
[li]Burns from weld­ing equip­ment, espe­cially to the eyes [/li]
[li]Electrocution from exposed, unin­su­lated wires [/li]
[li]Struck by or against heavy machin­ery [/li]
[li]Damage to hear­ing by lack of proper per­sonal pro­tec­tive equip­ment (ear plugs) [/li]
[li]Falls into ditches and trenches [/li]


A study done by OSHA reveals that falls remain the sin­gle largest con­trib­u­tor to con­struc­tion related injuries and fatal­i­ties. If you sus­pect that the neg­li­gence of another per­son was the cau­sa­tion for your injury, con­tact one of our pro­fes­sional Austin con­struc­tion acci­dent lawyers at Flo­res & Lopez, LLP., today. Our knowl­edge­able lawyers have spe­cific insight to the nature of these acci­dents and know where to look for poten­tial negligence.

Sadly, due to the inher­ent nature of the con­struc­tion field many work­ers die on job sites each year. In 2009, while work­ing on a condo in Austin, 3 con­struc­tion work­ers fell 120 feet to their deaths after a scaf­fold­ing col­lapsed. A fourth man on the rig was able to jump to safety as it began to col­lapse, escap­ing with minor injuries. The cau­sa­tion of the col­lapsed scaf­fold­ing is cur­rently under inves­ti­ga­tion. If neg­li­gence is found, then the party respon­si­ble may be required to pay com­pen­sa­tion to the fam­i­lies of those who died in a wrong­ful death case.

Ade­quate Compensation

After you suf­fer an injury in a con­struc­tion acci­dent as the result of neg­li­gence, the com­pen­sa­tion pro­vided by Work­ers’ Comp is all too often not enough to cover all your expenses. A claim of per­sonal injury against the party respon­si­ble may be the only way to recover from med­ical bills, lost wages, and the inabil­ity to work in the future.

n this hard time, you need knowl­edge­able lawyers on your side, each and every step of the way. You’ll want pro­gres­sive lawyers that aren’t afraid to go to trial and prove your case in court. You’ll want aggres­sive lawyers who stand by their clients to the very end. Many other firms rely on set­tling quickly, out of court, for low pay­outs. The expe­ri­enced Austin con­struc­tion acci­dent lawyers at Flo­res & Lopez, LLP., have 15 years of exten­sive lit­i­ga­tion expe­ri­ence fight­ing for the jus­tice of their clients. We real­ize that seri­ous injuries demand seri­ous atten­tion and we are here for you.

Now is the time to eval­u­ate your case and deter­mine a com­pen­sa­tion fig­ure for your injury or loss. Con­tact the pro­fes­sional Austin con­struc­tion acci­dent lawyers at Flo­res & Lopez, LLP., for a free no-hassle, no-obligation case review. Our help­ful, friendly lawyers are stand­ing by for you and are will­ing to take your case to court if needed. As always, if we don’t win your case then you won’t pay any fees.

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