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Have you been seri­ously injured in an oil field explo­sion? Have you lost a loved one as a result of an oil refin­ery acci­dent? If so you need the help of expe­ri­enced Texas oil field acci­dent lawyers who can help you and your fam­ily. Oil indus­try jobs are often times dan­ger­ous to work­ers and as result many oil work­ers are injured or even killed in acci­dents or explo­sions. It is impor­tant not only that injury vic­tims rights are pro­tected and they are com­pen­sated but also that the com­pany respon­si­ble is held account­able for their actions. With­out that account­abil­ity, oil field and refin­ery acci­dents will con­tinue to hap­pen and cause seri­ous dam­age to inno­cent victims.

Types of Oil Field/Oil Refin­ery Injuries

Work­ing in an oil refin­ery or gas field is one of the more dan­ger­ous jobs in Amer­ica. There are many types of injuries that inno­cent vic­tims may suf­fer as a result work­ing in an oil field or oil refin­ery in Texas. Some of the types of injuries include:

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[li]Burn injuries (which often leads to per­ma­nent scar­ring) [/li]
[li]Chemical burns [/li]
[li]Brain injury (often times Trau­matic Brain Injuries) [/li]
[li]Loss of sight [/li]
[li]Loss of hearing[/li]
[li]Loss of limbs (ampu­ta­tions) [/li]
[li]Nerve Damage[/li]
[li]Shockwave Injury[/li]
[li]Fall Injuries [/li]
[li]Crush Injuries[/li]
[li]Wrongful Death[/li]


Rea­sons for Oild Field / Oil Refin­ery Accidents

Texas is home to many oil fields and refinery’s and as a result, Texas oil field acci­dents are not uncom­mon. These acci­dents hap­pen for many rea­sons, including:

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[li]Unsafe work­ing conditions[/li]
[li]Improper train­ing [/li]
[li]Mistakes made by subcontractors[/li]
[li]Poor qual­ity tools[/li]
[li]Falling Objects [/li]
[li]Gas leaks [/li]
[li]Toxic Expo­sure [/li]
[li]Safety pro­ce­dures that are not enforced [/li]


What to Do Next

Call our law firm imme­di­ately to get the infor­ma­tion you need to know about your case. We offer a free, no oblig­a­tion con­sul­ta­tion and han­dle all cases on a con­tin­gency fee basis, which means you pay noth­ing unless we win your case.

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