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As the pop­u­la­tion of Austin grows, dri­vers must share the roads with more pedes­tri­ans each day. In the year 2000, the pop­u­la­tion of Austin was only 656,562. Accord­ing to the lat­est Cen­sus Report, the cur­rent pop­u­la­tion is around 790,390. This growth rep­re­sents an increase of roughly 20%. This rise in pop­u­la­tion paired with soar­ing gas prices has lead to more pedes­tri­ans walk­ing to and from work, school, or sim­ply as a cheaper travel alter­na­tive to dri­ving. Unfor­tu­nately, a num­ber of pedes­tri­ans are struck by motor vehi­cles each year. Injuries that pedes­tri­ans receive in these acci­dents are all too often severe and life chang­ing. The com­pas­sion­ate pedes­trian acci­dent lawyers at Flo­res & Lopez, LLP., have a great under­stand­ing of these acci­dents and can assist you in this time.

Injuries and Data

The Texas Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion reported that, in 2009 alone, there were 347 pedes­trian fatal­i­ties on the streets statewide. While this num­ber is sig­nif­i­cantly less than the total num­ber of auto­mo­bile acci­dents that take place each year, the injuries that pedes­tri­ans incur are sig­nif­i­cantly more cat­a­strophic. Pedes­tri­ans have lit­er­ally no pro­tec­tion from harm when struck by auto­mo­biles. On aver­age, the most com­mon pas­sen­ger cars weigh in around 3,000 to 5,000lbs. Peo­ple weigh in much, much less than this and when struck by large cars, even at rel­a­tively “low” speeds, the dam­age they suf­fer is often incred­i­bly severe. If you have been injured in a pedes­trian acci­dent, con­tact an expe­ri­enced Austin pedes­trian acci­dent lawyer at Flo­res & Lopez, LLP., right away. Our knowl­edge­able attor­neys have the resources needed to make your case a success.

When Acci­dents Happen

The National Traf­fic Safety Admin­is­tra­tion reports that of all the rea­sons that may cause a vehi­cle to strike a pedes­trian, the most likely is sim­ple dri­ver dis­trac­tion. A dis­tracted dri­ver can be one talk­ing or tex­ting on a phone, hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion with other pas­sen­gers, flip­ping through a binder for a CD, or even adjust­ing the radio. When a dri­ver looks away from the road, or is more involved in a con­ver­sa­tion that they are hav­ing, acci­dents can hap­pen. This behav­ior is often labeled as dri­ver neg­li­gence and if found guilty, dri­vers may be ordered to pay the vic­tims in pedes­trian acci­dents com­pen­sa­tion for their pain and suf­fer­ing. Not lim­ited to stan­dard auto­mo­biles, a wide array of vehi­cles can strike an unsus­pect­ing pedes­trian on the streets of Austin, including:

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[li]City Buses [/li]
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[li]Motorcycles [/li]
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Injuries that pedes­tri­ans may incur can range in sever­ity from cuts and bruises all the way to trau­matic brain injuries and paral­y­sis. Due to this, speak­ing with a sea­soned Austin pedes­trian acci­dent lawyer at Flo­res & Lopez, LLP., right away is usu­ally the best recourse for pur­su­ing com­pen­sa­tion. Injuries can last a life­time and our com­pas­sion­ate attor­neys are aware of this and will seek a recov­ery amount to meet your needs as a victim.

Seek­ing Compensation

After you suf­fer injury in a pedes­trian acci­dent, you need knowl­edge­able lawyers on your side, each and every step of the way. You’ll want pro­gres­sive lawyers that aren’t afraid to go to trial and prove your case in court. You’ll want aggres­sive lawyers who stand by their clients to the very end. Many other firms rely on set­tling quickly, out of court, for low pay­outs. The expe­ri­enced Austin pedes­trian acci­dent lawyers at Flo­res & Lopez, LLP., have 15 years of exten­sive lit­i­ga­tion expe­ri­ence fight­ing for the jus­tice of our clients. We real­ize that seri­ous injuries demand seri­ous atten­tion and we are here for you.

Now is the time to eval­u­ate your case and deter­mine a com­pen­sa­tion fig­ure for your injury or loss. Con­tact the pro­fes­sional Austin pedes­trian acci­dent lawyers at Flo­res & Lopez, LLP., for a free no-hassle, no-obligation case review. Our help­ful, friendly lawyers are stand­ing by for you and are will­ing to take your case to court if needed. As always, if we don’t win your case then you won’t pay any fees.

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